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Dental Services


A filling is used to replace a small portion of a tooth that has been damaged. Fillings can be made of composite resins or ceramics to restore the strength and beauty of your smile.


A crown, also called a cap, used on a tooth that has been broken or has a high risk of being severely damaged. A crown can restore and cover a toothe not healthy enough to support a filling. Most often crowns are used after a root canal or the loss of a sizable amount of enamel. Crowns can be anterior posterior, and are available in a variety of materials. Dr. Straka can help you choose what is appropriate for you.


Bridges are non-removable prosthesis for replacing missing teeth. Teeth on either side are crowned and used to anchor the new tooth. Bridges are constructed of either porcelain over metal or are resin-based. They can restore a missing tooth, such as the drifting of other teeth.


An implant is a type of bridge where a metal anchor is surgically inserted into the jawbone. Implants allow easier chewing and offer a great deal of comfort because they prevent slippage. They also last up to twenty years and are an excellent alternative to removable dentures.

Root Canals

A root canal is used to treat a diseased or infected nerve inside a tooth. The damaged nerve is removed and the canal is permanently sealed. Root canals can become necessary because of a blow or contact with a tooth on the other jaw, severe gum disease, deep decay, or a large filling. Crowns are usually recommended to protect the tooth after a root canal. Up to 95% of natural teeth can be saved through a root canal.